Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Language, Education, Humanities, and Innovation 2018

Study on Cultural Hegemony in Homosexual Education in Taiwan and Parental Opinions

Shu-hua, Chiang, Tien-Hua, Chiang, Bor-Yaun, Twu

National University of Tainan, Taiwan


This study examined the opinions and attitudes of Taiwan parents regarding on the homosexual education textbooks and whether there is cultural hegemony. Results are based on surveys from 476 parents with children attending junior high school in Tainan. A majority (57.25%) of parents disagree with gender reconstruction (gender spectrum) and content of marital equality (homosexual civil right promotion). Still a large majority (74.25%) of parents strongly opposed the materials in textbook about artists become popular by taking sex selfie, marriage was not necessarily with a man and a woman, and how the homosexual intercourse. However, over 90% of parents agree with teaching being respectful to any kinds of sexual orientation (91.66%). Parents’ age, gender, and religious beliefs affect attitudes towards gay education. Women oppose more than men, those over 40 years of age who oppose more than under age of 40s, those with middle education level such as high school to university are opposed more than the parents with both side under junior high school and higher than graduate school. In addition, parents who are Christianity and Catholicism more disagree than other religions. From 2011 to 2018, Taiwan parents expressed dissatisfaction with the current homosexual education policies through news, media, democratic representatives and protest parade. This study found, even parents expressed strong disagreement, but, those curriculums still remain. This is forming a cultural hegemony in homosexual education in Taiwan.


Gay Education, Parents’ opinion, Gender Spectrum, Cultural Hegemony

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