Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Language, Education, and Innovation 2018

Conceptual Study on Enhancement of Education 4.0 from Management Perspective

Umi Kalsom Kassim, Phuah Kit Teng

INTI International University,Nilai, Malaysia


Technology has enhanced learning in present days to be digitalized and simplified. In the present trends in education industry, there is a rapid development in the formation of the learning outcomes. This rapid development has becoming vital in the enhancement of the technology whereby the education industry is moving forwards towards education 4.0. To make the systems to be more interactive and attractive, MOOCS, LMS, BlackBoard and Mood le application used as a platform. Education 4.0 is striving to enhance the learning experience and create a sense of learning for assessment and independent learning behaviour in the students. This research study carried out to measure the effectiveness of education 4.0 among the undergraduate students and the methods used by the lecturer in delivering the course. Therefore, this study is to perceive the effectiveness of education 4.0 that focused on assessment for learning. From the administration perspective, this study analyse how the management can implement education 4.0 as the medium of delivering in higher education institutions. In order to carry out the research study, a balanced scorecard will be design to identify at which level the effectiveness and the management of the education 4.0 be reviewed. The population of the study are the management staff such as middle managers and top managers, staff and students randomly selected from public and private universities in Malaysia. Qualitative method used to conduct in depth interview towards the respondents using Nvivo. The expected results will provide valuable information for the management staff in managing education 4.0 strategically and develop value for the students in their charismatic career development.


Balanced scorecard, digitalization, education 4.0, management strategy