Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Language, Education & Innovation 2015
ISBN 978-967-13140-1-2

An Investigation of English Language Needs of Engineering Undergraduates at Jawzjan University

Ahmad Shah Qasemi, Ainol Haryati Ibrahim

Universiti Malaysia Pahang


The purpose of this investigation was to identify the English language needs of the students currently studying at the engineering faculties of Jawzjan University in Afghanistan. A total of 212 under-graduate engineering students from the second and third year classes took part in this investigation. The main tool for data collection was a student questionnaire used to gauge learners’ perceptions on their needs pertaining to the English language. The findings of the study show that the English language proficiency of most of the students is at the average and good level, and most of the students study English for academic purpose and for their future profession. Likewise, the students believe that their English language proficiency has a significant effect on their academic performance in content subjects. Furthermore, the current English language program and classroom resources do not fulfill their needs as they prefer to have a class with lots of activities or more student- centered. Moreover, a majority of the students were not satisfied with the amount of time allocated for English classes. It is hoped that the findings of this study would be the basis for designing a suitable course that would meet students needs.


Needs analysis, English language needs, language proficiency

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