Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Language, Literature, Culture & Education 2014
ISBN 978-967-13140-0-5

English Placement Test As A Predictor of Academic Performance Among ESL Undergraduate Students

Azmalinda Mohamad Zainoor

Institut Profesional Baitulmal


In Malaysia, there is requirement for undergraduate students to sit for MUET before they enroll in a degree program, which, is not imposed on students who are pursuing for a diploma program. The study investigated the relationship between English proficiency test and ESL undergraduates’ academic performance. This study was conducted in a local private college in Kuala Lumpur. Participants comprised of students who had completed their pre-diploma program. Correlation coefficient analysis, Expectancy Table, and Scatter plot were used to analyze data. The findings of the study indicated there is a correlation between English proficiency and the core subjects of pre- diploma program. This study thus, point out the importance of English proficiency test for pre- diploma students.


English Proficiency Test, Academic Performance, ESL undergraduates

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