Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Language, Education, Humanities and Innovation 2016

Energy Saving Studies for a University Campus: An Educational-Based Approach

S. Gopinath

Nilai University, Malaysia


The rapid growth of building in Malaysia contributes to increasing of energy consumption as building is among the major user of electricity in Malaysia. Reduction on energy consumption should be implemented in order to save the expenses on electricity bill, indirectly helps the environment from pollution. Alongside with the importance of energy efficiency, many universities including Nilai University has imparted energy management subject in the electrical engineering module. As per ISO 50001:2011 - Energy management systems standards, energy audit is the main stage of Plan-Do-Check-Act process for continual improvement of energy management system. A preliminary audit (walk-through audit) was carried out at Nilai University campus involving classrooms, laboratories, chiller plant and administrative offices. Energy audit is mainly focused on energy saving studies such as energy bill analysis, load inventory data analysis, load consumption and load pattern analysis and energy saving measures (EEM) using measurement tools such as power data logger, lux meter and infrared thermography. The main objective of energy saving studies is to instill an understanding on the concepts of energy management and the importance of sustainable energy management for undergraduate students by taking on actual energy studies at campus buildings and chiller plant. The present case study at administration building foresees many energy-saving measures for implementation towards achieving the energy efficiency concept. The final EEM result shows that around 6% of the current load consumption has been reduced by adopting light emitting diode (LED) and lamps relocation at administration building.


ISO 50001:2011- Energy management systems, Energy audit, energy efficiency measures (EEM), light emitting diode (LED), power data logger, lux meter and infrared thermography

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