Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Language, Innovation, Culture and Education 2016

The Implementation of Magic Tricks in Collaborative English Learning

Raditya Adipramono, Jethra Nuha Nindhita

Universitas Islam Indonesia,


This research paper was aimed to describe the implementation of magic tricks in ELT and the students’ perception towards the method. The writers expected that students’ ability can be improved by using this technique. The writers used qualitative method to conduct this research, which created an idea of a model of teaching technique. The suitable learners for this kind of teaching media should be young adult learners of the intermediate level. Magic tricks were used as the teaching media and also to make the class’ atmosphere in active and enjoyable learning discussion. The data in the research were indicated based on the students’ engagement to do and/or develop the tricks. After the data from the observation were collected, the writers interviewed the students to see their responses to this technique when it was applied in teaching and learning process. The interview was used to support the primary data from the observation of teaching learning activities. The finding of the research described the process of the teaching English using magic tricks were conducted. At the end of the research, it could be concluded that teaching English using magic tricks collaboratively was effective.


teaching English, magic tricks, collaborative, vocabulary, public speaking

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