Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Language, Innovation, Culture and Education 2016

Improving Students’ English Proficiency by Remedial English Project: The Case of Kasetsart University

Piriya Thaksanan

Kasetsart University


This pre-and post-test one group design without a control group was carried out to investigate the effect of a remedial English project on students' English grammar ability as measured by their pre and post English grammar tests and their attitudes towards the project. Fourteen lower proficiency freshmen who failed a mid-term Foundation English I examination voluntarily took part in this 16-hour intervention. Data were collected through pre- and post-tests, and a group interview was also conducted to retrieve the students’ attitudes towards the project. The quantitative data were analyzed using statistical tools including mean and standard deviation, and dependent samples t-test. The qualitative data from the interview were analyzed by content analysis. The results revealed that the participants' English grammar ability as measured by their post-test scores was significantly higher than before the intervention. Results from a group interview indicated that most participants appreciated participating. Moreover, they realized the benefits of the project.


English Remedial Course, English Proficiency, Attitudes

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