Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Language, Innovation, Culture and Education 2016

The Description of Game that is Used in Morphology Syntax Class: a Student’s Observation

Rima Juniar

Universitas Islam Indonesia


The purpose of this paper is to describe game in Morphology Syntax class. As the writer knew that most students nowadays were difficult to understand the word structures. The teacher named the game as The Marathon Game. This research was conducted in the Morphology Syntax class that consisted of 44 students. The purpose of the game was to review the materials. The teacher made a competition and divided it into three sessions with knocked out system. The first session, the teacher gave 6 questions about the materials. The second session, the teacher gave students some movie or song titles and the students should guessed what kind of the phrase which were used in the title. The last session was to rearrange the lyrics of songs. The findings of the research described the process of the activity in the class room. At the end of this research it could be concluded that teaching Morphology Syntax using game could increase students’ enthusiasm. Therefore, the teacher can give the application of the theory.


game, students, descriptive analysis, Morphology Syntax

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