Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Language, Innovation, Culture and Education 2016

Significance of Generic Skills on Employability: The Case of TNI Students

Wipanee Pengnate

Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology


Generic skills have been used to identify key competencies across a large number of different occupations. They involve little or no interaction with machines, but help individual maintain positive social relationships and contribute to the work environment. The purposes of this study, therefore, aimed on investigating the influence of generic skills on the employability of Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology students. The research samplings were 217 TNI students in the second semester of 2015 academic year, derived through simple random sampling technique. The instruments used for gathering the data were the rating-scale and open-ended questionnaire. The statistics used for analyzing the data were mean and content analysis. The research findings indicated generic skills were key factors on their employability, especially being able to solve a problem. The students, further, suggested that industry involvement as a class activity was essential.


Generic skills, Employability, English Teaching-Learning Process.

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