Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Language, Education, Humanities and Innovation 2016

To Enhance the Understanding of Form 2 SMK Labuan Pupils on Book Keeping Using the Innovation Tools of Matching 2 Matching

Nazrin Bin Ismail

SMK Labuan, Malaysia


The aim of this paper is to discuss on enhancing the understanding of Form 2 SMK Labuan pupils about book-keeping topic in living skills subject using the innovation tools of “Matching 2 Matching”. Survey was conducted during the classroom lesson, using the worksheet assessment for 15 Form 2 pupils to find out the different types of technique between conventional and tool kits “Matching 2 Matching”, to look at the different result between pre-test; year 2014 and post-test; year 2015 and to explore the ability to use “Matching 2 Matching” tools among the pupils. The finding from the analysis showed that the innovation tools of “Matching 2 Matching “are able to help the pupils to understand the transaction of book-keeping concept. Data gathered shows that pre-test used conventional lesson is being 30% of score 3 compare to 13% of score 6. An interesting figure is that related the finding show that post-test used the Innovation tools of “Matching 2 Matching” is being 6% of score 3, increase total of pupils’ to get score 6 (increase 40%). Minor linkage was found between the mistakes of transaction record for double entry account. As a conclusion, the innovation tool of “Matching 2 Matching” is more practical, easy to use and using recycle material from paper box. The increasing score between pre-test and post-test through the examination results positively showed that pupils able to understand the concept of book-keeping more easily and effectively using the innovation tools of “Matching 2 Matching”.


Tool kits “Matching 2 Matching”, book keeping

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