Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Language, Education, Humanities and Innovation 2016

Research on In-service Training among Lecturers of General Studies Department, Polytechnic of Malaysia

Alias Mat Saad, Nurul Balqis Ahmad Zakaria, Nik Rahimi Nik Yusuf

Polytechnic Port Dickson, Malaysia


In-service training is a crucial process that contributes towards enhancing the competency of lecturers in Malaysian polytechnics. This study intends to look into how in-service training is implemented in Malaysian polytechnics in order to increase the level of competency of the lecturers. The participants of this study comprise Islamic Studies lecturers at General Studies Department. The data obtained is analysed descriptively. The results show that the aspect of in-service training among Islamic Studies lecturers in Malaysian polytechnics is at a satisfactory level. The implication of this study, with regards to Malaysian polytechnics, points to the need of high competency lecturers that are capable of educating students and ensure that the graduates produced fulfil the standards outlined by the nation based on the National Education Philosophy.


Competency, National Education Philosophy, Polytechnic Malaysia, in- service training

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