Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Language, Education and Innovation 2016

Translation Industry in Malaysia: Issues and Challenges

Halim, Wan Fatimah Solihah Wan Abdul

Universiti Utara Malaysia


Despite the important roles played by the translation industry in assisting the development of the economy, this industry has gone through almost neglected or unnoticed. This situation is even more pronounced among the developing nations. This industry is basically involved in translating from one language into another. Track records revealed that the developed countries, particularly USA, Canada, European Union (EU) and Japan are at the forefront in capitalizing this industry in their quest for expanding their global frontier. They have made the translation industry the key ingredient in promoting and facilitating the advancement of their economies, primarily through their global-linkage activities such as international trade, shipping, banking and tourism. This paper aims at elucidating the importance of the translation industry in the Malaysian economy in view of our economic advancement in the global trade activities.


Translation, translation industry, language, global-linkage

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