Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Language, Education and Innovation 2016

Aurorahan Hymn: A Glimpse of the Socio-cultural and Religious Identity and Ethnicity of the Talisayon

Emma A. Basco

De La Salle University, Philippines


As a research paper in Cultural Anthropology, it is a basic study about the local culture of the Talisayon using Dalit as the primary source of information and research materials. The researcher applied some critical theories in studying, analyzing and coming out with a deeper understanding of the ethnicity and idiosyncrasy of the local Talisayons from the olden times up to our present day situation. The researcher used participant observation as a means to deepen the study in the absence of substantial documentation and historical records on the matter. This method is aptly used considering that the researcher is a Talisayon, herself. As such, she could very well use her personal knowledge, experience and point of view regarding the influences of Dalit and Aurorahan to the Talisayons. Finally, the study aimed to gather enough materials, facts and data for greater and clearer understanding of the contemporary cultural situation of the Talisayons. This glimpse will give the true picture of a Talisayon’s identity in thoughts, in words, in action and deeds as a Filipino.


Dalit, Aurorahan, Talisay, Camarines Nortel, Talisayon

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