Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Language, Education and Innovation 2016

The Impact of Visual Label Message is Bigger than Verbal Label Toward Decreasing Smoking Habit

Pratama, Muhammad Fadhil

Universitas Islam Indonesia


This paper research was subjectively written aims to provide an interdisciplinary insight about pack of cigarettes innovation as a campaign for decreasing smoking habit in this world nowadays especially Indonesia. Moreover, verbal pack that used to apply did not strong enough to be a suitable healthy warn for a smokers years ahead. Thus, visualization covered which packed into it will be considered as an alternatively way to live for as a breakthrough. Most of countries have already applied this policy first before other countries such as US, UK, Australia with fully taken pictures covered into that pack of cigarettes. This made Indonesia do it also as well as effectively and can be relied to its country aims to pragmatically applying. Therefore because of this issue, a researcher did research on “how does pack of cigarette visual label can effectively influence a smokers to decrease even erase their smoke habit rather than a verbal one that used to apply” based on literature reviews.


Visual and Verbal Label, Healthy Warn, Campaign of Cigarettes, Decreasing Smoking Habit

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