Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Language, Innovation, Culture and Education 2016

Changing the Approach in Education for Children with Visual Impairment

Zakaria Osman

Universiti Kuala Lumpur France Institute, Malaysia


Reading had always posed a challenge to visually impaired person in the past. However, with the intervention of technology the barrier that was once thought to be a formidable barrier had finally been brought down paving the way to the luxurious world of knowledge which was once only enjoyed by the sighted majority. This paper hopes to discuss how can best these technologies be exploited to make education for the visually impaired free of obstacles and compete in a level playing field with their sighted peers. With existence of assistive technologies, more and more reading materials are accessible to the visually impaired people. The proper management and positive attitude of technology-based users, it would not be impossible to fully exploit these advantages that have been brought by the present technologies to enhance the education possibilities for the future visually impaired children. With the deployment of technology, the task of implementing inclusive education will be made easier in most countries throughout the world. This study, which will mainly rely on library research methodology, hoping to uncover current practises that is being carried out in both develop and developing countries and to brows for present and future technology developments which might be useful in enhancing the education facilities for the visually impaired children. It is hope that this paper will open the discussion towards a new approach to education for the visually impaired children in the very near future.


Education, assistive technology, inclusive education

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