Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Language, Innovation, Culture and Education 2016

Phonological Disorder in Children with Autism

Irna Nirwani Djajadiningrat

Darma Persada University, Indonesia


Perception may have a role to play in shaping phonological systems but that it should not be included in the linguistic component of language-specific sound structure. These skills relate to language disorders, specifically Phonological Disorder. Children diagnosed with “Phonological Disorder” experience delays in language development and have difficulty with comprehension and expression. In this study, phonological analyses were performed on four children with autism. Speech elicitation included object naming and a connected speech sample. Data analyses involved phonetic inventory, phonological process analyses, and percentage consonants correct. Results showed that all four children exhibited both delayed phonological behavior as well as some atypical phonological processes. Findings also revealed a strong relationship between severity of phonological behavior and severity of language impairment.The result of this research can enable accurate explanation and modeling of the communication of children with Phonological Disorder and the therapist may also make intervention to improve the interactions in helping children with autism in the nature of the condition more fully.


Phonological disorder, autism, atypical

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