Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Language, Innovation, Culture and Education 2016

Teachers’ Perceptions and Students’ Recommendation Mechanism for Flipped Classroom

Chih-Lun, Chou, Min-Ling Hung

Ming Chuan University, Taiwan


The flipped classroom has become a popular new instructional model. Lectures are moved online to be viewed before class. Students engage in concepts in a group setting in the face-to-face classroom time with the guidance of the instructor. Though simple enough to understand, flipped classrooms are not quite as simple to implement due to the range of technical skills, conceptual knowledge, and pedagogical expertise required to execute the varying aspects of methods. Thus, we would like to ask if teachers are ready to apply new pedagogies-flipped classroom. We conducted exploratory factor analysis (EFA) and this test resulted in four interpretable factors. Furthermore, we would like to help students find interesting courses and to analyse students preferences according to the past records. We try to adopt recommendation mechanism to find out courses which students may be interested, and recommendation mechanism finally record students’ academic preferences.


Flipped classroom, teacher perceptions, recommendation mechanism

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