Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Language, Innovation, Culture and Education 2016

Translation Stylistics in the Text of “Asahan dalam Angka 2015”

Ely Ezir

Universitas Sumatra Utara, Indonesia


This paper is aimed at either showing the realization of translation stylistics in the text of “Asahan DalamAngka 2015” or implementing the theory of stylistics as interpreted by some of the most innovative theorists in this field—Vinay and Darbelnet, Jakobson, Nida and Taber, Catford, House, and finally Baker. Stylistics has been studied by those experts in relation to the translation process. Through using different approaches, fruitful ideas for further study on this topic have been provided. In this article there have been three theories that can be substantially divided on the basis of stylistics. They are classified into three main groups. Firstly. those translation scholars who are in favour of a linguistic approach to translation and who seem to forget that translation in itself is not merely a matter of linguistics. In fact, when a message is transferred from the SL to TL, the translator is also dealing with two different cultures at the same time. Secondly, those translation scholars who seem to have been taken into consideration and regard translation stylistics as being essentially the style of transfering the message from the Source Text (ST) to the Target Text (TT) and a pragmatic/semantic or functionally oriented approach to translation. Thirdly, there are other translation scholars who seem to stand in the middle, such as Baker for instance, who claims that stylistics is used 'for the sake of convenience—because most translators are used to it. It is obviously that the quality of translation should meet the need of the native speakers of the Target language.


Stylstics, text, translation

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