Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Language, Literature, Culture and Education 2016

Developing Writing Proficiency for Freshman College Students via Strategy-Embedded Language Learning Program (SELLP)

Leonard Shankar Rozario, Emily B. Orillos

University of Santo Tomas, Manila, Philippines


This study recognizes the importance of developing writing proficiency for first-year college students employing Strategy-Embedded Language Learning Program (SELLP, researchers' designed program, 2015). The theories of Whole Language Approach (US Educators, 1980’s cited in Richards and Rodgers, 2001); Language Learning Strategies (Oxford, 1990); Process Writing Approach (White and Arndt, 1991 & Weigle, 2014) are the theoretical anchors of this paper. Data were collected from Notre Dame College (NDC), Bangladesh. The researcher perceived the need to enhance writing proficiency in English to improve competency in career preparation. Using the qualitative-quantitative method, writing proficiency is examined on content, organization, vocabulary, language use, and mechanics for 87 randomly selected first-year students. Two survey questionnaires, Language Learning background and Strategy Inventory of Language Learning (SILL) (Oxford, 1990) were administered, and Pre-test Post-test were conducted using SELLP as intervention. Data were analyzed and interpreted using LLS, AMS, Mean, Standard Deviation. The result showed that more than half of the participants (55.17%) rated their proficiency as fair, 25.29% as good and 18.39% as poor; using more of metacognitive (Mean 4.2) and cognitive (Mean 3.8) strategies for language learning; however, over 98% of them had positive attitudes toward English learning. Results from t-test of Pre-test and Post-test showed significant impact of SELLP on developing writing skills.


Writing proficiency, Strategy-embedded, Freshman students and Career building

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