Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Language, Education, Humanities, and Innovation 2017

Malay Terminology: The Craft of Songket Weaving in Malaysia

Puteri Roslina Abdul Wahid

University of Malaya, Malaysia


This paper focuses on the coining of terms in the Malay craft of songket weaving. The research looks into the application of the concepts and the system of concepts in the preparation of a terminology glossary using the native words in the Malay language. The traditional approach in the field of terminology correlates with the relationship of concept and term. The research focusses on the use of native creations when coining terms in a specific field that is the Malay songket weaving. Songket is hand-woven in silk or cotton known as a small cottage industry of Kelantan and Terengganu. There is a need for knowledge transfer from the older generations to the younger one. Thus, a more systematic approach of transferring the art of songket weaving begins with the use of terminology. The terminology practice in Malaysia is basically a translation-oriented. The formation of terms in a specific field still remains a topic of interest among terminologists. This is a qualitative research and data was collected by interviewing and observing weavers from the songket industry in Kelantan and Pahang. The data are then transcribed and analyzed. About 200 terms are collected and analyzed. This research is a practical application of the traditional approach of coining terms in the Malay terminology. The concept and the concept system are one of the important aspects in the preparation of a terminological glossary. Findings show the native formation can be seen in the formation of terms using native words, namely one word, compound word and reduplication. In the context of terminology, the characteristics plays an important role in providing a definition when using a generic concept system. Definitions in a terminological (conceptual) glossary often specify relationships with the key concept, such as tools or techniques in the songket weaving. The use of mother tongue in coining new terms will help to introduce the Malay word to the international.


Malay language, culture, songket, terminology, concept system, native words, weaving

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