Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Language, Innovation, Culture and Education 2016

An Assessment of the Computer Subject in Kindergarten for Academic Year 2015-2016

Minerva J. Fanoga

De La Salle Lipa


De La Salle Lipa, having known to keep abreast with the technological advancement in the educational system, encourages the different departments to offer innovative techniques in the teaching-learning process. In line with this, the Computer Department humbly responds by planning to teach and widen the offerings of Computer Curriculum in kindergarten. It has been observed that based on this grade, it would be helpful to introduce such to the inquisitive minds of the pupils since they have shown technical skills at their young age. Since technology motivates and empowers all members of our learning community that will help our pupils to explore, experiment and connect with the larger global community, young as our pupils are, it would be a great help for them to acquire such basic skills. Moreover, with our help, it would be easier for them dealing to deal with the 21st century challenges. In the process of the research, the existing information, documents and records were considered as major sources of data gathering that served as one of the bases in the findings of the study. The survey questionnaire was the major instrument used in gathering data to collect necessary information that will helped in the achievement of the research objectives. Informal interviews and focus group discussion among students, kindergarten advisers and computer teachers were done to validate the answers given on the survey questionnaire. Based on the results of the study, most of the kindergarten pupils' age ranges from five to six years old and they are always looking forward for the their computer subject because they are enjoying it because of the interesting activities being provided by the computer teachers. The collaboration of the computer teachers and kindergarten advisers really helped the students to feel that having a computer subject as early as their age is not a burden but an encouraging subject for them not only to learn academically but having fun while learning.


computer, kindergarten, education

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