Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Language, Literature, Culture and Education 2016

Green Literature: Ecology and Social Movement in Indonesia

Novita Dewi

Sanata Dharma University, Indonesia


This research departs from the conviction that literature studies should be contextualized with the social reality of the day such as ecological destruction that has become global problem. It is important to explore Indonesian eco-literature within the context of its authors and community. This paper aims at answering how Indonesian literature and its literary community deal with ecological problems. Critical reading method is used to identify contemporary Indonesian literature using environmental issues as themes. Observation and interviews with authors and eco-communities were also attempted to see their involvement in ecological issues. Lastly, using Ecocriticism and Papal Encyclical on Ecology, the conclusions of this study are as follows. First, although ecological issues are rare in Indonesian contemporary literature, ecological awareness is raised and nurtured by the existing eco-communities who use literature to further their causes. It is through communities of this kind that literature may likely transform people so as to partake in slowing down the speed of environmental damage.


Ecocriticism, contemporary literature, social transformation

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