Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Language, Literature, Culture and Education 2016

The Relationship between Perfectionism and Loneliness with Quality of Life among University Students

Habibollah Naderi, Mahdi Akbari, Hamed Sarhangpour

University of Mazandaran, Iran


The Purpose of the current research is to study the relationship between perfectionism, loneliness and quality of life among female students of “Farhangian University” which is a descriptive study with correlation plan. The population consists of all Farhangian University students in Amol and 213 available students were chosen as the sample of the study. Research tools were Perfectionism scale (Hill et a, 2004), short form of Quality of life scale (WHO, 1996) and Loneliness scale (Usher, 1992).The data were statistically analysed using Pearson correlation coefficient and multiple regression. The Results have shown that among students of all fields there is a significant relationship between perfectionism and quality of life and also between loneliness and quality of life (P>0.05).The results of multiple regression have also shown that there is significant multiple relation between perfectionism and loneliness with quality of life. Finally, the regression coefficients have shown that loneliness has a higher predictability value for predicting quality of life.


Perfectionism, Loneliness, Quality of Life, Students, Farhangian

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