Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Language, Education, Humanities, and Innovation 2017

Educational Marketing Practices in Pakistan and Malaysia: A Comparative Study

Syed Asad Abbas Rizvi, Abdul Ghaffar Tahir

International Islamic University, Pakistan


There is a growing tendency of emphasizing higher education, as it is not only responsible for the academic development but also adds income of the country. The objectives of the study were to identify, analyze and compare the educational marketing practices in Pakistan and Malaysia. The survey method was used as research design. Population study comprises all the private sector universities of Pakistan and Malaysia. By using purposive sampling, ten private universities were selected for data collection and from each university ten students were selected, making total sample of 200 students. Questionnaire was used as tool for data collection. The data was analyzed by using inferential statistics. It was found that physical facilities and human resource were considered as the most important marketing elements while, price and premium were considered as the least important. Malaysian private universities showed comparatively high mean scores of usage and importance of marketing strategies rather than Pakistani private universities. It was found that new and modern programs, attractive location (place), highly qualified faculty (people), educational expos (promotion) and physical facilities were major components of educational marketing elements. It was concluded that Physical Facilities, People, Process and Place are the most important elements of educational marketing. It was recommended that the available physical facilities may be marketed in a befitting manner as they are more important for students.


Educational marketing, higher education institutes

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