Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Language, Education, Humanities, and Innovation 2017

The Masterpieces of Fernando Amorsolo: Socio- Cultural Image of The Filipinos

Emma A. Basco

De La Salle University, Philippines


Fernando Amorsolo is a prolific and eloquent Filipino painter. For this reason, most of his paintings are considered masterpieces and great works of art. However, according to Francisco Arcellana, a literary critic, “Amorsolo’s paintings have nothing to say and that they were not hard to understand because there is nothing to understand, if at all”. But this is not so, as far as his legions of supporters and admirers are concerned. To them, Amorsolo’s works are “true reflections and representations of the Filipino soul and spirit”. Looking deeply and intently at his great works, an aficionado would surely find the symbols, signs and implications which undoubtedly portray and convey the innate character of the Filipinos. And the images succinctly and clearly point to the true identity of our nationhood and nationality. His masterful depiction of our serene and rustic life, scenic landscape, and natural beauty of the countryside serve as a living narrative of our true culture, social awareness and family values. Pro-Amorsolo critics and supporters conducting review and analysis of his works believed that these pieces are true reflections of the indomitable Filipino mind and spirit because accordingly, Amorsolo’s creations vividly describe the customs, traditions, practices and experiences as a nation. Hence, looking at the more than ten thousand art pieces of Amorsolo, these more than intensely project the lives, hopes, dreams, and common aspirations of our people, here in Asia and the ASEAN region, as well.


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