Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Language, Education, Humanities, and Innovation 2017

Designing the Exercise Model for the Elders in Kamphaeng Saen District

Mayuree Tanomsuk

Kasetsart University, Thailand


To study the result of using the exercise model for the elders in Kamphaeng Saen district.This research is using one group pretest-posttest quasi-experimental research to study the result of the exercise model for the elders in Kamphaeng Saen district. The sample group was the selected 35 elders who lived in the Thai air force village, Flying Training School, Kamphaeng Saen district in Nakhon Pathom and whose qualifications met the criteria through purposive random sampling.Thus they were assigned to participate in the exercise model for the elders 3 times a week with 40 minutes in each time for 12 weeks. The results of the exercise model using for the elders in Kamphaeng Saen district: After the elders had participated in the program, their physical fitness in each component of the elders including the body mass index and the percentage of fat under the skin at 4 positions not statistically significantly showed the lower mean whereas their grip strength, exercise tolerance, agility, flexibility of the spine and lung capacity significantly increased at the level of p < 0.005. After participating in the exercise program, the score of the physical fitness of the elders was statistically significant higher at the level of p < 0.005.


Exercise model

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