Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Language, Education, Humanities, and Innovation 2017

A Study of Website Visibility in Webometrics Ranking of World University by Using SEO Tool: Case Study of Thailand Rajabhat University

Tawatchai Suksida, Lalita Santiworarak

Dhurakij Pundit University, Thailand


Today, World is change to digital age and people can access information rapidly because of technology is higher than former times. Website is the one of tool for organizations to presented information of them. The most important thing of website is content due to content will communicate with user and explain everything which organization presented. In addition, Educational Institution also use website to presenting their information to outside too and there are many organization ranks website of education for several purpose, webometrics ranking of world university too. Webometrics Ranking of World Universities is the ranking of education website which assessed accessibility of website content. They use 2 major indicators to evaluate the accessibility of website, first is visibility and the last one is activities. In this paper, we study the visibility indicator of webometrics ranking of world university by analyze relational of top 10 and bottom 10 of Rajabhat universities in Thailand by using Search Engine Optimization Tool (SEO Tool). This article aims to evaluate the number of backlinks of Thailand Rajabhat University’s website by using difference SEO tools and result from this paper should help administrator of website to manage their content on the site and the result from the tools will help them to move up their site in Webometrics Ranking of World Universities too.


Website ranking, webometrics, website visibility, website content, backlinks, search engine optimization, SEO

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