Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Language, Education, Humanities, and Innovation 2017

Development of Built Pedagogy from the Environment, Economic and Social Aspects

Edmond WM Lam, Irene Wong

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


Technology advancement has brought about modernization, which changes our environment and life style. The rapid development of information technology induces pedagogical changes. Information and knowledge can be retrieved from internet access easily. The traditional teaching mode shifts from passing expertise knowledge to students to interactive learning between teachers and students, and among students. Learning spaces is no longer restricted to classrooms and lecture theatres. Design change in learning spaces is necessary. This paper studies the effects of modern technologies on pedagogy and design of learning spaces. The research reviews the relations between modern technology and pedagogical shift, and develops means of promoting effective teaching and learning through “built pedagogy”. Extensive literature review on the current changes in pedagogy, development of modern technology in academia, and design of learning spaces were conducted to identify the principles of effective design in teaching and learning spaces. The design and operation of Active Learning Classroom, which could enhance communication and collaboration among teachers and students, were studied in detail. Current changes in teaching and learning shifted from “Information Common” to “Learning Commons”; and from “access to technology” to “leverage technology”. Campus design must facilitate the transition from structures and processes based on expertise teaching to a system that enable organization learning. The design of classrooms and lecture features should enable easy reconfiguration. Modern technologies, such as up-to-date AV/IT facilities, virtual whiteboards, are crucial provisions. A case study of the ongoing renovation of teaching spaces in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University was conducted.


Information Technology, Interactive Learning, Pedagogical Shift, Built Pedagogy, Active Learning Classroom, Learning Space Design Principles.

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