Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Language, Education, Innovation 2016

Survey Study of Integrative and Instrumental Motivation in English Language Learning of First Year Students at Naresuan University International College (NUIC), Thailand

Don August G. Delgado

Naresuan University International College, Naresuan University


Motivation plays an essential factor in language learning acquisition because it acts as the students’ beacon to achieve their goals, desires, dreams, and aspirations. Hence, without enough motivation, foreign language acquisition will be very difficult to students because it is the factor that drives the students’ interest in achieving learning and its outcomes. This study focuses on the integrative and instrumental motivation levels of all the first year students of Naresuan University International College enrolled in school year 2015-2016. Identifying their motivation level in English language learning will greatly help all NUIC lecturers and administrators to create a project or activities that will enhance their English proficiency levels that they will find worth doing. All respondents in this study received a revised questionnaire with 24 questions that were randomly arranged; 12 for integrative motivation and 12 for instrumental motivation. The questionnaire employed the five-point Likert scale. The tabulated data were analyzed according to their means and standard deviations. The mean of each question item was used in order to interpret its motivational level using the Interpretation of Mean Scores. Overall, the respondents got an average interpretation on both motivation factors: integrative and instrumental. In other words, majority of the respondents are interested in learning English language instrumentally and integratively, however, if they don’t acknowledge that interest and work on how to develop their English skills, it will take longer time for them to proficiency in English. Thus, this study concludes that majority of the NUIC freshmen are neither integratively nor instrumentally motivated students.


Motivation, Integrative, Instrumental, Foreign Language Acquisition

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