Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Language, Education, Innovation 2016

Practicality of (Big Scale) Complex Analysis Module Based on Guided Research

Anny Sovia, Delsi, K,Yulyanti Harisman



The purpose of this research was to find out the practicality of complex analysis module which was based on guided research on a big scale. This research was the continuation research of the previous research which has found out module practicality on a small scale. On a small scale research, the module has already been practical on the ease of use, time, interpretation, and equivalence with other teaching materials. This research was developmental research which used 4D module. This research was the series of previous research on developing stage. The instruments used in this research were questionnaire and interview guidance. The questionnaire which had 11 questions were distributed to 25 students. From the real try-out’s result, it was found that the average score of the ease of use of the module was 3,73, which belonged to very practical category. For the time aspect, it was 3,52 which belonged to very practical. For the ease of interpretation aspect, it was 3,74 which belonged to very practical. For the equivalence with other teaching materials aspect, it was 4,14, which also belonged to very practical. Thus, overall, it was found that the average score was 3,79. This indicated that complex analysis module based on guided research was very practical. Furthermore, interview was being given to three students with three different competences, high competence, average competence, and low competence. The result of the overall interview showed that the students found ease in using the module, the time needed to use the module was relatively short, and the module can be used as the teaching materials.


Practicality, Big Scale, Module, Guided Research

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