Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Language, Education, Innovation 2016

A Study for Developing Multimodal Literacy of Foreign Students in Presentation

Park Deok-yu, Lee Hyekyung, Du Wenying

Inha University


The purpose of this study is to plan the educational contents of academic presentation genre, which for the development of Multimodal Literacy of KSL(Korean as a Second Language) college students. Recently, an academic setting at university of South Korea is breaking the lecture driven class by professors and demanding for participation of students in various kinds of ways. Especially, presentation skills are required at university regardless specialties or classes as the presentation utilizing visual materials are routinized. However, foreign students who are not accustomed to these teaching-learning methods are complaining of difficulties in expressing their ideas and knowledge in accordance with academic situation or characteristics of medium. In this study, aspects of presentation are analyzed with materials of 120learners who study Korean for academic purpose and aspects of slideware utilization and features of the presentation are analyzed with the framework of multimodality. For realization of multimodality, interaction between text character and visual material in the slide and intertextual paraphrase of speaker's spoken discourse during the presentation are examined, respectively. With this, 'Education contents' for foreign learners to understand and express multimodal texts by adapting specific media of 'power point program' are explored. Learners can improve not only verbal thinking and verbal expression, but analytical skills, organized thinking required in academic situation and practical use skill of media in the course of design slides and presentation. Therefore, the necessity for the education to adapt and create the aspects of multilayered multimodal signification is suggested.


Academic Presentation, Multimodal Literacy, Media Education, Korean For Academic Purpose

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