Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Language, Education, Innovation 2016

Applying Contract Teaching Method in Combination With Mind-Map Technique in Teaching Nomenclature and Chemical Terminology for High School Students in the Northern Mountainous Provinces of Vietnam

Le Huy Hoang

Thai Nguyen University of Education


Contract teaching is an aspect of differentiated teaching methods in which students play the major role in the teaching process. Contract teaching and learning is a way of organizing the learning environment in which each student is assigned a package of different tasks to complete within a certain time period. Mind map is a technique considered as a means of utilizing the image recording capability of the brain. By using diagram, the overview of an issue is shown as an image in which objects are connected together by seams. In this way, the data is remembered and recognized more easily and quickly, providing high efficiency in teaching and learning. In fact, students in the Northern mountainous provinces of Vietnam have restrictions on language, especially English. It is, therefore, very difficult for teachers to convey the knowledge of nomenclature and Chemical terminology. By using research materials, the researcher in this study has shown the basis of dialectical materialism Philosophy, Psychology, Pedagogy of cognitive processes in the teaching Chemistry at secondary schools.The researcher studied documents related to teaching theories, teaching methodology of Chemistry, programs, Chemistry teaching materials at high schools to indicate the relationship between the content of teaching Chemistry, skills of using Chemical terminology and the components of teaching Chemistry at high school. By using survey research method including questionnaires and interviews, the researcher worked with 1195 students at 10 high schools in the mountainous provinces of northern Vietnam. The findings were synthesized and analyzed using mathematical statistical methods to determine the status of using Chemistry nomenclature and terminology by high-school students. Thereby, we would propose the application of contract teaching methods combined with mind map techniques in order to practice the lessons of Chemistry nomenclature and terminology for high school students in the mountainous provinces of northern Vietnam.


Contract Teaching, Mind-Map, Nomenclature, Chemical Terminology

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