Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Language, Innovation, Culture and Education 2017

Teaching English Using Crossword for Spelling Correction

Dinda Carissa

Universitas Islam Indonesia


The purpose of this paper is for young learners to improve their spelling and decrease an error while they write something by using crossword. Crossword is a game that requires the player to put a correct order of word based on the clues that given, and the spaces are limited and connected so if the player give the wrong answer then all of that will be messed up. Because of that the writers think it’s a good idea to use crossword for an activity in class of a young learner because it will help them to put a correct order for their spelling, and because it’s a game the students will not get tense up and they will do the crossword with more relaxing atmosphere, and this paper used study literature method. And after this, the writers hope that the children will be more aware of their spelling and they can write easily because they already know the spelling.


spelling, crossword, decrease error.

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