Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Language, Literature, Culture and Education 2016

The Impact and Representation of Official Nationalism as Reflected in Helvy Tiana Rosa’s Short Story, “The Red Nets”

Atyaka Laksmitarukmi

Sanata Dharma University


This study attempts to first, find out that the military operation as launched in Aceh under the name Red Net Operation is one of the examples of official nationalism. Second is to unravel how printed media and print capitalism are related to each other and the role of these two in affecting the sociocultural situation. Helvy Tiana Rosa is one of Indonesian female authors whose short story ‘The Red Nets’ captured the event of MOA in Aceh. The notion of nationalism will be reviewed and will be presented related to how Indonesian people consider the meaning of it. Nationalism in relation with official nationalism, the factors that trigger and the impact will also be posed. This short story will be the object of the study because it represents an ideology, which can be considered as official nationalism. Intertextual references will be used largely to provide some pieces of evidence of the impact of Red Net Operation as one of the forms of official nationalism, an attempt to maintain the hegemony and power done by those who authorize and rule due to the possibility to be dethroned. The intertextuality will discuss the importance of maintaining hegemony for people with power. The role and appearance of print capitalism will be used in the research to capture the contribution of the short story used as the object of the research towards the objective of the project. Language and literature have big contribution toward social and cultural situation in many parts of the world including in Indonesia.


Women’s writing, cultural studies, woman, nationalism, Islamic fiction, military operation

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