Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Language, Literature, Culture and Education 2016

Task-Based Instruction in Oral English: Basis for an Instructional Module Enhancement

Richard E. Parcon

Tanong High School


Why do students suffer from expressing themselves orally? Students nowadays no longer pay attention to word articulation because for them saying a word is enough to convey a message that they want to say. Thus even some English teachers are not prepared to administer an oral skill task because they find it difficult especially with the use of various techniques in oral task or oral testing. This study aims to evaluate the oral proficiency of the students before and after the exposure in Task-Bases Instruction, determine the difference in the oral proficiency level of the students before and after the exposure in TBI, find the difficulties encountered by learners in using TBI and eventually develop an instructional module in oral English that will serve as a guide to improve the oral proficiency of students towards effective communication. In the conduct of the study, an experimental approach will be used to assess the performance of the learners before and after the treatment to eventually meet the challenges of increasing the standard of speech program, improve pedagogy in teaching speaking and enhance the speaking skill of the students


Teaching of speaking, task-based instruction, oral english, instructional module

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