Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Language, Literature, Culture and Education 2016

Emoji Conquers the World: Emojis as a Language Tool in Communication

Andrade, Eldridge Cedric Jr., Ma. Lualhati M. Camaso, Charlie C. Dujali, Eunice P. Montano

Rizal Technological University


Communication is not just a matter of speaking, writing and interpreting words. It is a complex process that involves factors such as language, grammar, experience and non- verbal cues. Body language and facial expressions can tell what one is trying to express than what one actually says in face-to-face interactions. However, in text-based communication, these cues are not present and their absence can result in misunderstanding and confusion. Thus, the growth in computer-mediated communications has led to the use of conventions where motion affect is referenced pictorially using digital image or icon. This study aims to present an analysis of the usage of emojis in the flow of facebook conversation. Hence, the study covers the analysis of meaning and usage of emojis as communicating tool. The study is qualitative in nature and utilized the descriptive research method and relied heavily on contextual analysis or, in other words, it utilized the descriptive method and relied heavily on content analysis. The data used for analysis are in the form of conversations gathered through screen shots from the respondents. Interview was later on conducted with the respondents to complete the process. The data are the conversations gathered from the facebook accounts of the respondents. Interview was also utilized to validate the findings. The study revealed that emojis functioned as markers, intensifiers, teasers and strengtheners of speech acts. It was also found that the factors affecting the usage of emojis as language tool were the mood and emotions of the respondents, nature of conversation and the desire to be part of the trend.


Language, culture, emojis, social media

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