Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Language, Literature, Culture and Education 2016

Increasing Student Characters in Micro Teaching Class Through Cooperative Learning

Roswita Lumban Tobing, Siti Perdi Rahayu, Alice Armini

Yogyakarta State University


This research aims to develop the student characters in microteaching class through cooperative learning. This research is a classroom action research which is focused on two character’s aspect, i.e.: (1) responsibility and (2) cooperation. The subjects of this research are the students of French department at 6th semester, who are sitting on the microteaching class. They are 5 men and 18 women. This research was conducted in two cycles, from 5th April to 23th May 2016. Data collection was obtained through the observations, field notes and documents analysis. The research was done in collaboration with the teachers of French department. The results of this research showed that through cooperative learning, the character in responsibility and cooperation aspect of the student in microteaching class can be increased. It is evident from the development of responsibility: 4, 2 % in 1st cycle and 18, 7% in 2nd cycle II. The development of cooperation: 44% in 1st cycle and 58, 6% in 2nd cycle.


Character, cooperative learning approach, responsibility, cooperation

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