Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Language, Education, and Innovation 2017

Polysemy Analysis on Triliteral Arabic Verb /ḍ /, /r/, /b/ Based on Quran Meaning

Tanty Riyani, Irna Rahmawati, Tubagus Chaeru Nugraha

Padjadjaran University, Indonesia


Humans need the ease of speaking. Save in the use of language indicated by the use of a word for a different purpose. This is not only occurs in everyday language but also occurred in the use of language in the Quran, holy book of muslims. A word that has two (or more) related meaning is called by polysemy. This study aims to describe how polysemy occur on triliteral Arabic verb /ḍ/, /r/, /b/ in the Quran. This research is qualitative study and the research method used is descriptive analysis method. The technique used to obtain data from the Quran is refer technique, the amount of data found and used for research as much as fifty-five triliteral verb /ḍ/, /r/, /b/. The datas are processed by the structure and semantic approach to determine the effect of the structure and context of the formation of meaning. After doing research on the phenomenon of polysemy on triliteral arabic verb /ḍ/, /r/, /b/ in the Quran obtained two general classifications meaning of the verb. First, lexical meaning which could be find in Arabic dictionary. Second is contextual meaning, in the contextual meaning there are thirteen variants of meaning that is generated due to the influence of sentence patterns and context of the sentence. Structure of triliteral verb /ḍ/, /r/, /b/ in the Quran can be used as a reference standard for the use of written and spoken language in the Arabic language in general.


Polysemy, structure, meaning, verb

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