Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Language, Education, and Innovation 2017

Rewriting as Revitalizing the Siamese Detective Hero: A Study of Dramaturgical Practices in Script Adaptation for Thong-In, the Animation Series

Naphatrapee Suntorntirnan

Assumption University, Thailand


For the participation to commemorate to the occasion of the centennial anniversary of the King Rama VI of Siam, Thong-In – the detective animation series – is one of the projects, have been planned to be produced. As being written during the Reign of the King, which was one of the most alternative eras in social, political and cultural aspects in Siam, catalyzed by Westernized Modernization influences, the original short stories has became one of Siamese Modern Classics amongst all over the literary works. Hence, in order to bring the stories in to life across the forms of presentation, the dramaturgical approaches, as literary manager’s perspective, are brought into creative practice for such transformation. The purpose of this study is to elaborate and illustrate the integration of ‘dramaturgical practice’ in adaptation of the ‘Thong-In’ stories into the series of animation script, presenting focally on the ‘revitalization’ in characterizations and narrations. The study reveals that, regarding to the (ghost) light of dramaturgical perspective and application in researching and creation, it enhances beneficially and vitally the narration-description techniques in storytelling scenarios. Hopefully, this study is conducted as an inspiring case of dramaturgical methodology application in academic research and profession and in other creative practices, either in theatre arts or other media.


dramaturgy, script, adaptation, detective, King Rama VI, characterization

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