Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Language, Education, and Innovation 2017

Clauses in the Sundanese Language

Eva Tuckyta Sari Sujatna, Yuyu Yohana Risagarniwa

Padjadjaran University, Indonesia


This study explores the clauses in Sundanese. The word Sundanese can refer to a tribe, culture, or a language in Indonesia. This study relates to the word Sundanese as a language. The Sundanese language is one of the biggest numbers of speaker among the local languages in Indonesia. It is the second rank after Javanese language as the biggest number of the speakers. Sundanese language as one of the Austronesian languages is different from English as the West Germanic languages. The aims of this study are to figure out the types of clauses and the pattern of clauses found in the Sundanese language compared to English language. The method applied in this research is descriptive method. In terms of predicates, there are two types of clauses; verbal clauses and nonverbal clauses in Sundanese language. Relating to the data, the clauses in Sundanese language, predicates do not always contain of a verb since it could contain of other open classes. The verbal clauses, similar to English language do always contain of verb while the nonverbal clauses could contain of adjectival, nominal, or adverbial as the predicate.


Sundanese language, verbal clauses, nonverbal clauses

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