Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Language, Innovation, Culture & Education 2017

Develop and Implement the Integrated Curriculum at FPT University

Ho Thi Thao Nguyen

FPT University, Vietnam


The current demand of FPT University is how to develop program learning outcomes responding to industry requirements, as well as to design the integrated curriculum that provides not only knowledge but also personal attributes and professional skills for students. Since 2016, FPT University has been researching and applying CDIO basically and systematically in designing and renovating programs. In the range of this paper, the authors will describe the curriculum design process for both Public Relations program and E- Commerce program. The outputs include program learning outcomes, sequence of skills and integrated curricula. Next, the article shares about the collaboration with industries to design the Introductory Courses in two selected programs. Finally, the article provides the information of faculty development programs to implement CDIO teaching and learning activities during the past year.


CDIO, learning outcomes, integrated curriculum.

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