Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Language, Literature, Culture and Education 2017

Romance Fanfiction Analysis: An Adversary or A Benefit in Teaching Literature?

Jethro TAN, Aina BRAZIL, John Paul NIETO, Regie DE JESUS

Dr. Yanga's Colleges, Philippines


The researchers aimed to identify whether romance fanfiction is an adversary or a benefit in teaching literature since it contains novelties students want and it is technology-natured especially literature in the Philippines experienced pitfalls and disregarded by students. A mixed-method approach was utilized to realize this objective. The qualitative part included a semi-structured interview. Ten informants from junior high school were purposively selected using specified criteria. For the quantitative, the informants' responses were analyzed to devise a tool reflecting the elements romance fanfiction should possess to be teachable: connectivity, literary skills, values formation, and language acquisition. Five thematic clusters emerged after the analysis of responses: Rendering Fanfiction talks about students' perspective, Rapport Fixation regards students' connectivity to the text, Recreational Faculty is the application of reading romance fanfiction, Reformational Facture is the development of values through reading, and Rhetoric Fluency tests the students' ability to express more through expanded vocabulary. The Likert-scale questionnaire was made based on the themed statements where five teachers participated in evaluating a romance fanfiction. The result was acceptable and reflected a Cronbach's alpha of 0.80 which meant it is reliable. Hence, romance fanfiction is a benefit in teaching literature because it contains the elements needed which are the prime sources for high literary appreciation that will unlock a linkage between the literature and the students–the dilemma in teaching literature.


Romance fanfiction, literature, teaching

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