Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Language, Literature, Culture and Education 2017

Practices of Hotels and Resorts in Batangas Province towards Adoption of Global Tourism Sustainability Standards

Irene R. De Villa

University of Batangas, Philippines


This study attempts to assess the practices of hotels and resorts in Batangas Province towards their readiness to adopt global sustainability standards. Resort and hotel owners/managers were asked to evaluate their sustainable tourism practices based on GSTC Criteria on the areas of Effective Sustainable Management, Social and Economic Benefits to the Local Community, Cultural Heritage and Environmental Benefits. In the course of the study, the problems and challenges as well as the benefits and advantages of adopting sustainable tourism practices were highlighted. The study revealed that of all the respondents listed on the website of the Provincial Tourism Office, only two are accredited under the new star rating of the Department of Tourism. However, most of them are already into sustainable tourism particularly in the areas of energy conservation, waste reduction and waste management. Majority are also unaware of the awards and certifications given to establishments for practicing sustainability. Descriptive method of research and triangulation technique were used as it aimed to come up with strategies that will serve as a guide to these tourism establishments for the adoption of global sustainability standard. It contains detailed activities, programs and persons involved.


hospitality management, hotels and resorts, tourism, practices, sustainability, standards, Philippines

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