Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Language, Education, and Innovation 2017

Use of ICT in Education: How Effective It is for Students at Higher Education

Mohammad Osman Farhan Al Harun

Green University of Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh


The term ‘ICT’ is now very common in this age of globalization. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is, in fact, an integral part of our life, especially for the students, teachers and researchers in the education sector. Nowadays, the teachers are getting interested about the use of ICT in delivering lectures, creating favorable learning environment and applying it for facilitating complex ideas comfortably. As a result, the trend of teaching in the traditional lecture method has been changing rapidly for the popularity of ICT - regardless it is a language or science class. To the contrary, too much dependence on technology may hamper the performance of teaching to some extent. In a developing country like Bangladesh, teaching with the assistance of audio-visual aid has become popular at tertiary level with the rapid growth of higher education sector. Here, some teachers prefer to teach in the class using ICT facilities and prepare their lectures accordingly while others are still stick to the traditional lecture method to deliver their lecture in the class. The current study is an in-depth analysis of the fact regarding the effectiveness of ICT in teaching at tertiary education in the context of a developing country. To investigate the fact on this issue, the researcher of this paper has conducted a systematic survey, FGD at various levels, and interviewed both the teachers and students of Science and Arts faculties of a renowned private university of Bangladesh. The findings of this research can be useful for the educators and practitioners at any discipline to comprehend the pros and cons of technology while presenting their ideas in formal occasions. The difference between traditional and nontraditional method of teaching as well as the perspective of both educators and learners have been portrayed here regarding the effectiveness of ICT in higher education.


ICT, technology, learners, teachers, lecture, tertiary level, higher education