Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Language, Education, and Innovation 2017

Student's Awareness of Cloud Computing and its Applications: Case Study at the Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics at Ishik University, KRG-Iraq

Aws Y. Kashmoolah

Ishik University Erbil- KRG-Iraq


Cloud computing has become one of the major trends in the modern era. With the vast application of cloud computing and the simplicity and ease of use that related to it. Universities can use this technology to provide students and staff with tools which make the learning process easier and more productive. This paper will focus on the student side of the process, their awareness towards cloud computing and how frequently they use it. It also shed light on the student’s opinion about the university administration support to integrate that new technology. The study used an online survey to collect insights for a sample of students from the faculty of administrative science and economics at Ishik University, KRG-Iraq. The findings indicated that an increase needed in the awareness and familiarity with cloud computing amongst students and that the presentation of new applications and services to the teaching process will serves as the perfect recipe for increased adoption to take advantage of their mobility and interaction.


Cloud Computing, Learning, applications, Cloud services, Service Models, Deployment Models