Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Language, Innovation, Culture & Education 2017

On-the-Job Training Competency Levels and Performance Ratings of the Pioneer Batch: University of Batangas-Lipa Campus

Joseph Paulo P. Receno

Jerome F. Benigno

University of Batangas - Lipa City, Philippines


On-the-job training plays an important role on a students development as it applies the theoretical learning of a student to day-to-day practices in the industry. Most students experience their first immersion on business activities during on-the-job trainings making it an important part of the learning process. Distinct competencies are developed by a student during his/her stay in college and these same competencies are deemed necessary when they graduate and join the workforce. The research aimed to look at the competencies and performance of the pioneer batch of University of Batangas " Lipa Campus Accounting and Business Management students in their On-The-Job Training. This research used the all 48 OJT participants from the accounting and business management department. Both quantitative and qualitative data coming from the students supervisors/evaluators where used in determing the competency levels and performance rating of the students. Results show no significant differences on the competency levels and performance ratings when the students are grouped according to profile. Competency levels also show a significant positive effect on the students performance ratings. Superiors/evaluators expressed the importance of several aspects that they deem necessary for future employees of their companies: leadership, interpersonal skills, maintaining a positive attitude and a strong work ethic, receptiveness to feedback and attendance. Part of the recommendations of the study is to encourage students to have their On-the-Job Trainings in other highly commercialized areas like Metro Manila; as well as for the academic community of the University of Batangas to nurture and build leadership qualities and interpersonal skills of the students as it addresses the need highlighted by the trainees superiors and evaluators.


Competency and Perfomance, On-the-Job Training, Business and Accounting Management

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