Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Language, Innovation, Culture & Education 2018

Diversification of Economic Activities by Oil Palm Smallholders: A Case Study of Kampung Bukit Bulat, Melaka

Er, A.C, Rewathi Karudan, B.T Seri Tanjung Baharudin, Ismail Halim, Mohd Sufian Mohd Saifuddin, Nuwairah Khalid, Saidatul Akma Aqila Rusli, Zarina Haron

National University of Malaysia


Oil palm is one of the main farm crops in Malaysia and it contributes to the country’s economy. Although oil palm sector creates more job opportunities but it’s considered as a less profitable sector among the youngsters. A case study was conducted in Malacca to study and explore the diversity of the economics activities in Kampung Bukit Bulat in achieving the social, economic and environmental sustainability. The villagers are practicing the diversification of economic activities other than oil palm cultivation such as fishing pond, chili, banana farm, stingless bee, bird farm, FELDA chalet, handicraft, and traditional cookies. The study was conducted in a village named Kampung Bukit Bulat (Bukit Bulat Village), Alor Gajah, Malacca. A set of questionnaires was distributed to 30 respondents who are the permanent residents of the area. The data collected was analyzed using Software Package for Social Science (SPSS). Descriptive statistics and Chi-Square test were conducted to achieve the objectives of the study. The findings showed that the average income of the head of the family was RM2000 and farmers doing part- time work had their monthly earnings increased.


Palm oil, Oil palm, socio-economic, chi-square test, farmer’s income

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