Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Language, Innovation, Culture & Education 2018

An Action Research on the Effectiveness of Bookworm Project as Formative Assessment Task to Enhance Extensive Reading

Can Thi Chang Duyen

University of Languages and International Studies, Vietnam National University


Under the pressure from society in internationalization and globalization in education, under the constraint of professional development among teachers and lecturers in higher education level, and under the social requirements of the job markets and competition of the industry, Action Research is seen as an effective way to improve teachers’ future self and organizational learning. the study addresses the issue by investigating the use of the current project named Bookworm as a formative assessment to improve students’ extensive reading. The research applied an action research method to investigate how well teachers and students perceive and conduct the project as a formative assessment in class. Specifically speaking, the study places the importance on the evaluations of both teachers and students as to the effectiveness of the project and how they would improve it for the better. Moreover, from students’ perspectives, they assess the effectiveness of the project based on the improvement in extensive reading. Therefore, the study offers a scald-folding way to back up newly-inexperienced teachers in weighing learners and insightful prospects for skilled lecturers in the formative assessment practices in General English (GE) classroom.


Formative assessment, project-based learning, GE class

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