Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Language, Education and Innovation 2016

The Implementation Of Historical Thinking Skills Among Teacher Trainees In Teaching Learning Process

Shakila Che Dahalan, Nor Hashimah Hashim

Universiti Sains Malaysia


A study to explore the implementation of Historical Thinking Skills category among teacher trainees was carried out. The Historical Thinking Skills involved are chronology, explore evidence, imagine, interpret and rationalize. This study is a case study which employed qualitative method using observation only. The participants were selected using purposive sampling which involved four teacher trainees who were in their fourth year of Bachelor of Arts in the education program from University of Sains Malaysia. These participants were observed while undergoing their practicum in secondary schools around Penang. Observation data were analyzed descriptively. The research findings reveal that implementation of Historical Thinking Skills by the teacher trainees focus on exploration of evidence and interpretation skills. In addition, it was found that other skills were implemented less frequent. Out of the four participants, only one teacher trainee frequently employed the four skills in the teaching and learning processes. These skills are exploration of evidence, interpretation, imagination and rationalization in the lesson. This study provides an overall picture of the implementation the Historical Thinking Skills by teacher trainees who emphasized on certain skills. The implication of this study indicated that the use of different teaching techniques which assist teacher trainees to implement frequently various Historical Thinking Skills in teaching learning processes.


Historical Thinking Skills, Implementation, Teacher Trainees

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