Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Language, Education and Innovation 2016

A Design Proposal to Prevent the Misuse and Abuse of Over-the-Counter Pharmaceuticals in Convenience Stores

Min Ji Kim, Eui-Tay Jung, JinKyung Paik

Inje University, South Korea


Over-the-counter pharmaceuticals sold in convenience stores observe the pharmaceutical laws and currently provide information on the pharmaceuticals that are accurate and easy to understand on its containers, packaging, or attached materials for the prevention of drug misuse. The limited space of the packaging, however, makes the information difficult to read and consequently, consumers have had difficulty in purchasing the products. This research conducted an analysis of 8 packages of pill-type drugs and conducted a survey and interviews targeting 10 foreigners and 20 Korean consumers to analyze the user consciousness. This study presented some ideas for improving the design by using English expressions and pictograms, which both domestic and foreign consumers can easily and quickly understand, and by placing the information on the symptoms, dosage and age information on the edge of each package so that the type of drugs will be easily discernible. Through such measures, drug misuse or abuse will be minimized and customers will find it more convenient when purchasing pharmaceuticals.


medicine, package design, package information

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